Politically correct teachers ‘hell bent on promoting Nativity play mediocrity’

School teachers are competing with each other to stamp out achievement and reduce all children to the lowest common denominator, a report out today confirmed.

The most damning piece of hearsay in the report says that teachers are deliberately praising all children that take part in Christmas plays with children as young as five being told “Well done” when their lack of acting and singing skills do not merit the slightest of praise.

“Every year, teachers are deliberately encouraging low standards of nativity drama, and meanwhile we just have to sit back and take it,” said one critic. “If you don’t tell these kids they were awful, how will they improve?.”

In one shocking incident, a boy was seen singing out of tune and forgetting his lines. Instead of barracking him, however, the equality-obsessed teacher read the lines out for him, then whispered the sinister phrase, “Never mind. Don’t worry.”

“With that one chilling phrase, telling the child not to worry about a terrible performance, she is sending a message to all the children that there’s no point striving to do better,” the critic added.

“What are they going to do when they get out into the real world of auditions for X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent?” wailed one parent.

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