Primary School Advent Calendar researchers predict Armageddon on December 25th

Careful study of a Gruffalo-themed chocolate calendar has led many 7-year-old researchers to forecast ‘the end of the world’ on December 25th.

‘The Chocolate just runs out on Tuesday,’ commented Haruki Noonan, who has been studying advent calendars for weeks. ‘After that – who knows?’

Not all primary school children are taking the prediction so seriously though, and playgrounds up and down the country are filled with tiresome tongue-in-cheek references and lame jokes based on pretending to believe the world will really come to an end on December 25th, with the upside of not having to come back to school in January a common theme.

‘Bollocks, say schoolkids, as Advent Apocalypse fails to happen,’ observed one year-4 wag.

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