Modern Warfare gamers ‘not properly prepared for battle’, says army

The army has warned of ‘false expectations’ among the generation of recruits familiar with the ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ games who believe they will come back to life after being shot, can heal themselves by hiding behind things and can replenish their ammunition by picking it up at random points throughout levels.

‘They turn up and think they need one run through a training scenario to ‘learn the controls’ before we let them out into the world to fight identical-looking soldiers,’ complained General Sir David Roberts, Chief of the Defence Staff. ‘Many also ask where the continue points are, whether there will be a ‘boss battle’ at some point and why the graphics are so rubbish.’

The army is now in crisis talks with the games’ producers to avert the risk of future recruits not being able to jump over small walls or open doors without coloured keys.

The problem follows reports from driving instructors who have warned that young drivers believe you actually drive the car in front and expect to find two joysticks to control the vehicle.


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