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Man disappointed as fag packet contains no tumour

Norfolk Trading Standards has received a complaint from a customer who bought a packet of cigarettes which was found to contain neither a tumour nor the badly damaged set of lungs depicted on the packaging.

‘Imagine my disappointment at finding 20 cigarettes in place of the moist tumour I’d seen advertised on TV,’ said Matthew Arlington. ‘I bought the tumour in good faith and was looking forward to a good fry-up and read of the Sunday paper. I don’t even smoke.’

Trading Standards officers acknowledge there is a problem. ‘Unfortunately this is not the first complaint we’ve received. Following a national television advertising campaign by the Department of Health dozens of consumers have complained that their cigarettes are not growing tumours but instead are burning down to the filter as usual.’

The whole experience has had a profound effect on Mr Arlington. ‘It’s shattered my nerves. In fact I’ve since taken up smoking.’

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Posted: Jan 3rd, 2013 by Dick Everyman

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