‘Thumbs up’ for good driving causing confusion

Members of the Good Driving Appreciation Society have spoken of their frustration today at regularly being mistaken for people trying to hitch a lift. The Yorkshire based group, formed in 2009, consists of dedicated ‘car watchers’, who have snubbed the glamour of Formula One in favour of more regular, ‘day-to-day driving’.

Marc Hornby, a dedicated ‘good driving enthusiast’ and founding member of GDAS, said; ‘I suppose it’s understandable that some drivers mistaken us for hitchhikers, given that we signal our appreciation for a good manoeuvre with our thumbs, but how else are we supposed to acknowledge their good work? I can’t just stand at the side of the road in freezing temperatures every morning and start clapping at cars, they’ll think I’m some kind of oddball. I’m not an oddball’.

Marc added; ‘It may seem strange to some, but I don’t think there’s anything more exhilarating than watching a smooth gear change or a well-controlled hill start. It’s a sign that the driver is in-tune with the mechanical complexities of his or her, mainly his, motor. It’s like watching a ballet dancer execute the perfect pirouette. It’s not just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. I wish folk would stop looking at me like I’m a smelly drifter. If I needed a lift, I’d ring the wife’.

Fresh-on-the-scene car watcher, Denis Wilcox, said; ‘I’m new to all this, but I’ve found that my personal interest is in roundabout driving. It’s proving to be a dangerous hobby. I watched a chap in a Vauxhall Insignia follow a lovely controlled line on the inner lane of the Bull Green Roundabout in Halifax earlier. He indicated nicely, the required fifteen-feet from his desired exit, and then with a seamless gear change, performed an impressive merge onto the A629. Thumbs up from me’.

‘But then he stopped, opened his door and gestured at me to ‘get in’. He must have been some kind of pervert or something’.

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