Lib Dems lose pub quiz after failing to answer a single answer correctly

The Liberal Democrats have suffered a major defeat in the annual Westminster New Year’s pub quiz. Following 12 rounds, each containing 10 questions, the pub quiz captain, Nick ‘universally challenged’ Clegg failed to understand a question.

Quiz Master, John Bercow told us the whole quiz was farcical. ‘It started getting silly half way through when Clegg insisted David Cameron should be allowed to answer any questions for him. After a long discussion, which was interrupted by Vince Cable decaying in the corner, we agreed. However, it turns out Cameron answered all his questions with ‘Nick smells of poo‘.’

The most embarrassing round was reported to be the one themed ‘British Economy promises broken by the Lib Dems ‘, which saw the whole team suffer from amnesia. Despite this, is was not a bad night for everyone. The landlord of the pub reported record profits when Charles Kennedy was put in charge of ordering his own over-prices drinks.


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