Murmuration of Clarins girls in Bristol, heralds end to winter

Amateur meteorologists today have been drawn to Bristol City centre, where a murmuration of Clarins counter girls has unexpectedly been sighted. In weather circles such gatherings are linked to weather patterns that are associated with spring and sunny days.

‘What we have in Bristol today, is an unusual phenomenon for this time of year, never in living memory have so many perma-tanned, electric pink lipstick wearing Clarins girls been seen in these numbers in January’ said David Wellbeck of the MET Office.

‘It’s not uncommon for one or two to been seen out and about, but we have literally dozens wandering the streets followed by a thick fog of Chanel, CK One, Sunflowers and Dior. We don’t know what migratory instincts have lead them to desert their South Wales valleys roosting grounds so early, but it can only mean that an early summer is on its way.’

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