Dad very nearly resists doing Ring of Fire joke.

Mark Oaks, 12, from Stevenage is in the news today having witnessed firsthand his father very nearly avoid making the standard Dad Ring-Of-Fire joke following the inclusion of the Johnny Cash classic in an episode of Eastenders.

Ron Oaks, 43, held back on the use of the predictable gag for a full 40 seconds, a new World Dad Record. Mr Oaks submitted to the inevitable eventually though, inflicting yet another slight variation, his 25th, of the joke on his tolerant family. On this occasion Mr Oaks entertained his wife and two children with ‘Ring Of Fire? I know the feeling! Johnny must have had the Beef Vindaloo down the Kashmir!’

Mr Oaks chose to set the joke this time at a local Indian takeaway that Mark is confident his father has never even visited. ‘Dad doesn’t even eat spicy food. Yet he still did the joke. We’re all proud of him though. He did his best’.

Mark later consoled himself by viewing upskirt shots of Taylor Swift online.

Shaun S Bored

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