‘Mafioso could be behind burger threat’ warn NYPD

A leading Broadway producer has gone into hiding after waking early on Monday morning to find a pack of Tesco own brand beef-burgers defrosting in his bed.

A spokesman for the NYPD say they think the beef-burger threat could be a warning from the head of one of New York’s leading mafioso family and have advised the producer, Jack Wolfe to lay low for a while.

It is thought Wolfe may have upset the crime family by refusing to cast one of its members in his latest musical. The spokesman said New York’s mafia families would often use the Tesco burger ploy as a psychological weapon to threaten and intimidate their rivals and to find a pack defrosting in your bed was considered the ultimate warning.

However, the Corleones insist Wolfe has nothing to fear from them and they were just helping him out with a helpful home-delivery. ‘We’ve done everything we can do and no it’s up to Wolfe’ said the spokesman ‘he either takes his chances with the Corleones or the Tesco beef-burgers. Either way it’s not looking good. He should have given the guy the part in his musical.’


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