BBC to trial new shouting at the telly service on the red button

Following in the successful footsteps of children’s programmes such as Dora the Explorer and Team Umizoomi in which children are given the belief that by shouting at the television you can alter the outcome of the programme you are watching, the BBC are rolling out the idea in mainstream entertainment.

Upon selecting the ‘suspend your disbelief further’ option from the red button menu, viewers will be encouraged to shout answers to questions posed by a narrator in order to determine the events unfolding in front of them. In a pilot run on tonight’s Eastenders, viewers will be asked questions such as ‘Which pub should Phil go to for a drink?’ and ‘Should Dot buy some bananas from Sainsbury’s or the market?’

This will be followed by a special episode of Casualty, where during a scene at a lumber yard the viewers will be asked ‘Do you think the lorry driver has secured those logs properly?’ and ‘Should the attractive young female motorist die instantly, or be taken to hospital and have her dress cut off by the doctor?’.

If successful the Beeb hopes to extend the service to more significant programming such as general election night. Viewers will be encouraged to stay at home rather than visiting the polling booths, where they can shout at the telly the name of the candidate they think looks nicest in a suit.

The BBC is pleased to have stolen a march on Channel 4 who have also been developing the idea for some time, however Noel Edmunds remains reluctant to go fuck himself.


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