Snow latest: Pensioner sick of being checked on by neighbours

Disgruntled pensioner Alf Pemberton has spoken of his frustration at the persistent concern of his neighbours during the recent cold weather.

Pemberton, 83, is thought to have been checked in on by eight different well-meaning neighbours in a 12-hour period over the weekend, amassing over 21 pints of milk in the process.

Talking from a downstairs window, he said: ‘They always say check on elderly neighbours, but when you’re the only pensioner in the street like I am, it gets bloody annoying. Every time I get settled, there’s another knock at the door – I’m constantly up and down. It’s all very well saying keep warm, but the front door’s open so often there’s no point having the heating on.’

He added: ‘And I’m up to my ears in bread and milk. I’m tipping the milk straight down the sink to be honest. I’ll never get through all that. I can’t even pretend I’m not in else they’ll have the bloody ambulance round here thinking I’ve stopped breathing.’

Steve Phillips from number 37, said: ‘It’s so important to keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours when it’s cold like this. We’ll be nipping round again in a couple of hours just to check he’s not running low on milk or bread.’


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