Chelsea accuse ball boy of ‘acting like a Chelsea player’

Chelsea’s interim manager, Rafa Benitez, has praised the talent of the ball boy who was kicked in the ribs by Eden Hazard, and complimented him for a fine display of ‘diving, time-wasting and simulating injury’ worthy of even the greatest Chelsea stars of the past.

Commenting on the events which led up to Chelsea’s best attack of the game, Benitez said; ‘I don’t think Eden actually touched him, yet he still went down easier than Drogba in his prime. His actions were beautifully unacceptable and we shall let him know just how upset we are when he comes for his trial next week.’

The 17 year old ball boy, who had previously tweeted his intention to waste time, was delighted at the prospect of being signed to Chelsea for his cheating prowess, reportedly saying; ‘I don’t know why I did what I did, it just came naturally. I think that’s what they liked.’

The FA have looked again at the ball boy’s dive and retrospectively issued a yellow card to Gareth Barry.

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