Europe demands return of British ‘war time spirit’

A group of influential European politicians has called for the return of Britain’s ‘war time spirit’. Spokesman for the group, German MEP Hans Kirsch, said that he hoped the country could see a way through the deprivations it was now suffering at the hands of the EU by “keeping a brave face on it”, “getting by” and absolutely “not grumbling”. And of course, not leaving the EU.

Speaking on a visit to London, Herr Hirsch further urged the British public that whatever concerns they have with, for instance, the Common Agricultural Policy, to remind themselves that “we are all in it together”, “it will all be over by Christmas” and that “worse things happen at sea”, before clarifying that he wasn’t referring to the EU Fisheries Directive there.

A stoical public listened intently on their wireless devices to the end of his broadcast before calmly and patiently switching their sets off. Jim Smith from London captured the national spirit perfectly saying; ‘If anyone tells me to “keep calm and carry on”, it’s bloody WAR!’


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