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NHS to rely more on ‘reservist’ doctors and surgeons

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that the NHS will welcome an additional 20,000 voluntary reservists who will step in to replace those trained professionals being made redundant in NHS ‘restructuring’.

‘The army has showed that you need not spend years running round fields and firing guns in ranges to be good enough to be a soldier, so why would you need to spend seven years at medical school to prove you can be a good surgeon or medical doctor?’ asked Hunt.

‘Butchers, undertakers, knife-wielding members of street gangs; they’re all gifted in surgical techniques and could do a perfectly good job in removing an appendix, replacing a heart or transplanting a hand, he enthused. ‘Just by giving up a weekend a month to go on manoeuvres around the nation’s hospitals, ordinary members of the community can raise public spirit and also save us a few quid.’

Hunt added that the government is considering extending the scheme to nursing, ‘provided that Ann Summers stocks enough uniforms in its shops to meet the likely demand.’

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Posted: Jan 25th, 2013 by antharrison

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