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Scandinavian detective to remain upbeat despite series of personal tragedies

nothing to see here, move along nowDetective Sergeant Fred Blomqvist was in no way downcast last night after falling victim to the latest in a series of personal and work-related traumas.

Having your six-year old daughter chopped into pieces and fed to the piranha collection of Sweden’s self-styled ‘Aquarium killer’ would be enough to make even the most battle-hardened detectives consider their future, but Blomqvist insists he is rolling with the punches.

‘Yeah, I’ll hold my hands up – the daughter thing was a setback,’ admits the 53 year-old divorcee from his converted Uppsala farmhouse, which overlooks acres of bleak agricultural landscape, ‘but I am refusing to react to it. I won’t take the bait,’ he says with a cheeky wink and a playful nudge to the ribs.

Blomqvist, head of Uppsala’s Serious Crimes and Misdemeanours Squad for the last ten years, is legendary for his almost supernatural ability to take everything in his stride and is credited with the introduction of a ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps’ poster in the foyer of the police force’s main HQ.

The happy-go-lucky detective‘s career has not been without controversy and he was faced with accusations of insensitivity when days after four new recruits where killed in a head-on collision with an overloaded oil tanker from which the brake cable had been deliberately removed, Blomqvist tried to lighten the mood by throwing an office foam party.

Added to this is the fact that twenty four hours after his daughter was turned into fish food, Blomqvist’s faithful Golden Retriever “Blondi” was discovered lying dead next to a bloodstained cricket bat in a park on the outskirts of Lund. ‘I’ve no idea what she was doing there, but y’know – she had a good innings,’ says Blomqvist with that trademark chuckle.

The interview was interrupted by Blomqvist’s distinctive ringtone. When the call is over, Blomqvist’s voice cracks momentarily. ‘That was the son from my first-marriage with Linda who was killed when a tractor reversed over her in a one-way street in broad daylight. ‘

‘Well it’s not such great news about his leukaemia, but on the plus side it’s looking like the Jackdaw he found by the roadside with a broken wing is going to pull through. Isn’t that just fantastic? ’

‘Aww heck, pass me a tissue will you – I’ve got something in my eye’

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Posted: Jan 26th, 2013 by Gary Stanton

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