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Platitudes to be available on NHS

Doctors are being asked to cut down the number of drugs they prescribe to their patients, and offer a range of platitudes instead. These will now be available on the NHS

BMA spokesman Michael Morton said: ‘Patients too often expect to leave their doctor with a prescription for pills or potions. What they really need is someone to listen to their complaints and nod empathetically, before coming out with a harmless platitude like ‘Time’s a great healer’, ‘Things will look better in the morning’ or ‘Laughter is the best medicine, so best not watch Miranda’.

Added Morton: ‘Platitude prescription will save the NHS a fortune, The doctor only needs to look like he’s listening. He may actually be fantasising about giving his receptionist a comprehensive seeing-to or getting a hole in one. The effect on his patients will be much the same.’


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Posted: Feb 5th, 2013 by Guest

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