Homeless urge rethink on gay marriage

A number of leading Tory ministers have urged David Cameron to rethink his support for gay marriage, as it is much less popular with the party’s grassroots supporters than destroying working class families by cutting benefits, particluarly those who have lost everything in the downturn.

Recently divorced, homeless, unemployed 56-year-old Tory activist Jason Beesley from Gosport said that the hope of not seeing gays kissing in church was the only thing making his life worthwhile.

‘I’ve got nothing against them as such,’ said Beesley, ‘but I just can’t bear to think of two men kissing each other on the same spot I kissed my wife on our wedding day 30 years ago tomorrow. I’ll bet the old place hasn’t changed a bit. And I just hope the vicar is as happy with my wife as I was for all those years’.


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