BBC starts filming landmark series: ‘The Wonders Of Brian Cox’

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Sir David Attenborough, still revelling in the success of the astonishing ‘Africa’ series, has embarked on his next televisual adventure. Filming began secretly two years ago amid majestic landscapes on an epic four year voyage, this time recording never before seen footage of the shy, elusive, yet ubiquitous Professor Brian Cox going about his business in all his natural, exotic habitats.

Attenborough’s explorations will take him across the globe in pursuit of his quarry, and viewers will be thrilled to see many beautifully filmed insightful scenes in stunning locations of Brian Cox, as nature intended, sitting on rocks, explaining.

Audiences around the world will sit on the edge of their seats in feverish anticipation as Attenborough, despite having delighted them for the past twenty minutes with insights into the Cox’s extraordinary behaviour, announces with his trademark phrase; ‘but to see the most remarkable traits of this magnificent creature, we have to come…, to the other side of the world.’

But the BBC is already under fire after allegations that some of the scenes may have been set up, and that licence payers’ money might have been spent sending Professor Cox out to somewhere hot and dusty with a team of cameramen on the immediately preceding flight. Further issues arose on location when Attenborough’s and Cox’s film crews became defensive and tribal, fighting it out among themselves for the best angles and light, and further commissions from the BBC.

Luckily, it was all caught on camera by another BBC film crew who were briefly distracted from recording Joanna Lumley swanning down a nearby river, and the dog-eat-dog footage is so good it’s been scheduled for a Boxing Day special.

Harmony was, however, eventually restored after Professor Cox sat on a rock and used clever overlaid graphics to prove that these programmes were worthwhile and valid for everyone involved, but only as long as the budget was ‘unimaginably vaast’.

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