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Boris Johnson joins new ‘urban fox hunt’

With the number of fox attacks in our town and cities this year rising to one, the government has reversed the ban on fox hunting to allow the use of ‘urban hunts’. Hunting with horses, guns and hounds will still be illegal, however the use of mopeds, baseball bats and rottweilers will be permitted.

Following his calls for action on the issue, Boris Johnson joined the ‘Peckham Hunt’ for their first meet. ‘They all met in the pub car park, turning up in vintage ford escorts and rusty transit vans’ said Johnson. ‘I am pretty sure that the foxes didn’t suffer, well certainly not after the third rap over the head with the knuckleduster.’

Animal rights campaigners have asked the Mayor to address their worries that this was more brutal than the countryside hunts, but he is a little more concerned with the location. ‘I don’t know who this Lord Council is, but he really needs to get some work done on his estate.’

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Posted: Feb 13th, 2013 by Perks

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