Prime Minister Miliband would ‘un-invade Iraq’

Ed Miliband says a Labour government would ‘un-invade Iraq’ in a radical policy of reversing key decisions of the Blair and Brown administrations.

The move follows the already announced decision by the Labour leader to re-introduce a 10p rate of tax.

‘We’ll send troops into Iraq with what I call weapons of mass construction – bricks, nails and gaffer tape – to undo the invasion with a Saddam lookalike to run the country. It will be as good as new at best, or as good as Slough at worse.’

Referring to his promise to buy back the 400 tonnes of Britain’s gold reserves sold at a loss by Gordon Brown in 1999, Miliband said:

‘I’m going to buy it all back. With prices now at a record high, it will be worth so much more than when we sold.’

Mr Miliband also confirmed that during the next general election campaign he would insist Gordon Brown ‘un-visited Rochdale.’

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