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Man shards tears over garden shed mix-up

A Surrey man has been delivered a 300-metre skyscraper instead of the garden shed he ordered online.

‘Instead of an 8ft by 12ft shed, I now have a thousand foot high, glass-green shard,’ explained Joe Sutcliffe. ‘It’s a bit of a nuisance’.

The shard casts long shadows over neighbouring gardens, and Mr Sutcliffe has received numerous complaints – as well as offers from companies wishing to relocate.

But Garry Pratt, whose company ‘’ supplied Sutcliffe, is unsympathetic.

‘Mr Sutcliffe quite clearly knew what he was buying – the clue is in the name,’ he said. ‘Nevertheless, we would have been happy to cancel the order had he returned the tower in the original packaging. But the customer has clearly been using it, as evidenced by the lawn mower and packet of seeds in the foyer.’

Today Mr Sutcliffe was unavailable for interview.

‘My Joe’s very upset. You’ll find him sulking down at the bottom of the garden,’ said Mrs Sutcliffe, ‘in his garden shard.’


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Posted: Feb 21st, 2013 by Boutros

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