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Miliband call for Manson tax provokes Gothic Sulk

Oddball rocker and spiritual leader of all goths, Marilyn Manson, has threatened to ‘harvest the soul’ of Ed Miliband following the Labour leader’s call for a Manson tax.

Under the proposal, Manson’s wealth would be taxed at a rate of 66.6% to help heal the moribund economy.

A furious and hard of hearing Manson said Miliband had ‘opened the gates of hell and worse’ before folding his arms and retiring to sulk in a corner.

Manson has called on all goths to intensify their campaign against society by spending longer than usual locked away in the darkness of their bedrooms and being stroppier to their loving parents.

Miliband, said by friends to be more of a Slipknot fan, was not available for comment.

‘The goths at school used to bully Ed and would only let him go if he sacrificed a small animal in a Satanic ritual. I think this is Ed’s revenge,’ said a source close to Miliband’s brother, David.

Fred Bear

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Posted: Feb 21st, 2013 by Guest

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