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Store owner thought intruder was a supermodel

An armed robber who tried to hold up a liquor store in Pretoria was forced to flee empty handed after store owner Jake Crossier mistook the man for a supermodel.

Mr Crossier said the robber walked into his liquor store brandishing a hand-gun.

‘I thought …dark slacks, hooded sweatshirt, ski-mask pulled up over his face, handgun….that guy’s a model,’ said Crossier. ‘So I asked him if we could have a photo taken of the two of us hanging out together. I was thinking of hanging it in the bathroom.

‘Then I thought maybe it’s not a guy, it’s Naomi Campbell ….so I hit the panic alarm and called the police’.

‘Police say I’d had a lucky escape’ said Crossier. ‘If it really had been Naomi Campbell, I’d be a dead man now’.


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Posted: Feb 22nd, 2013 by Guest

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