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Death of Great Train Robber leaves field open to train operators

The death of Bruce Reynolds, the man who planned the £2.6m Great Train Robbery in 1963, has left the field wide open to the train operators, say the British Transport Police.

The boss of the Association of Train Operating Companies, Michael ‘Fingers’ Roberts, said, ‘Bruce was one of the best, a real diamond geezer. But while he was alive his achievements overshadowed our efforts.’ Mr Roberts said there might soon be ‘a really big heist’ planned but blamed the government.

But regular commuter Bill James described the recent massive rise in the price of his season ticket as ‘daylight robbery’. ‘Mr Roberts may try and frame the government,’ he said, ‘but these fare rises have his fingerprints all over them.’

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Posted: Mar 1st, 2013 by roybland

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