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Punter lost £2 on ‘unmiraculous’ seven-horse accumulator, announces Ladbrokes

A 58-year-old unemployed welder, Fred Stubbs, failed by a wide margin to get lucky at the races yesterday, when only one of the seven horses he backed in an accumulator romped home in first at Sandown Park.

Stubbs’s mundane bet was based on horses randomly selected from the entire card at the meeting, with the winnings reinvested on successive races. Had this happened, his £2 stake would have netted him £1.8 million. Unfortunately, only the fourth horse, Wild Outlaw, came up trumps for him, by which time it was all academic.

‘We like to share fairly typical stories about betting,’ said James Stanley, manager of the Ladbrokes shop. ‘There are occasional instances where punters take us to the cleaners, but what we really need to publicise is the way lots of people lose relatively small amounts. We don’t want to make ourselves look complete mugs, do we?’

(hat-tip to Lens Cap)

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Posted: Mar 3rd, 2013 by Oxbridge

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