UK poor people must do more to help kill foreign poor people, says Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond says that poor people in Britain should do more to help to kill poor people in other countries by taking a cut in their welfare benefits.

‘We have to look at the welfare budget again,’ Mr Hammond told the Daily Telegraph in what is seen as a bid to prevent cuts to the defence budget. ‘We’re expecting the Armed Forces to go abroad and kill poor people with substandard weaponry, while our own poor people lord it over them with their enormous benefits and very low risk of being blown to smithereens in anti-terrorist raids. Is that the moral statement we wish to make? Is it?’

Meanwhile, justice secretary Chris Grayling has suggested a future Tory government could scrap the Human Rights Act and Home Secretary Theresa May has vowed to take the UK out of the European Court of Human Rights.

And Science Minister David Willetts is expected to this week announce that ‘because they don’t fit the Conservative view of reality’ he will be suspending the Laws of Physics.

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