Old man talking to children in park ‘not a paedophile’

Police cars from the Wiltshire Constabulary raced to Lydiard Park in Swindon this afternoon when an old man in a coat was spotted talking to young children.

‘I seen him first,’ said mother of 7, Dawn English. ‘I was having a quick fag and holding on to Killer our bull mastiff when I seen him on the other side of the play area. He was smiling and minding his own business right there, in full sight of those kids. I read about people like him in the papers all the time. It was young girls mainly, but also boys, which I think is even more disgusting. At one stage he reached into his pocket, brought out a hanky and blew his nose. I nearly vommed.’

The man was tasered, handcuffed and led away through jeering crowds to Swindon Police Station, where he was later released without charge.  ‘It was a lovely day so I thought I would watch the youngsters playing in the park. I was feeling lonely – my grandchildren have emigrated and I hardly see them anymore,’ the man claimed. ‘I wasn’t doing any harm, but I’ve learned my lesson and it’s back to trolling on web forums for me from now on.’


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