Senator hospitalised after epic filibuster

US Senator Rand Paul has been hospitalised after a record 13-hour talking filibuster. He was diagnosed with laryngitis and complications due to urinary retention, and remains in a critical condition.

Paul’s marathon speech, which angered fellow Republicans, was an attempt to block the appointment of new CIA chief John Brennan, known for his strong support for the nation’s controversial drone programme. Paul argued that in theory the Government could seek to use drones against its own citizens.

‘I don’t want to live in a country with such disregard for its citizens and due process,’ said Paul after obstructing democratic debate for 13 hours. ‘However, with the extent of our drone programme, living in another country would be too risky.’

In addition to laryngitis and urinary problems, Paul was also diagnosed with a range of life threatening injuries after his filibuster was only brought to an end when President Obama personally authorised a drone strike.

Kurt Degerstrom

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