Infallibility ‘more of a curse than a blessing’, says Pope

‘The doctrine of papal infallibility is hard to swallow’, admitted Pope Francis, in his first published interview since the smoke turned white above the Sistine Chapel last week. ‘When I was plain old Jorge, back in Buenos Aires, I could argue, long into the night, with my friends – about Catholic doctrine or the outrageous price of replica football shirts. It was exhilarating, it was interesting, it was fun. But now the discussions have stopped. Whatever I say, goes.

‘Since I became Pope, no-one dares to argue with me any more. The Cardinals just nod indulgently and agree with every word I say. It’s infuriating. They don’t say anything to my face, but behind my back they talk. That’s what infallibility really means. Being right all the time gets boring: it’s like being Geoffrey Boycott.’


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