Sports fan mildly disappointed after loss

After seeing his team suffer a massive defeat, a sports fan has expressed annoyance but managed to go through the rest of the day without incident. While other fans waited outside the players entrance to boo the squad Tim Arnold, took a walk to clear his head before having lunch.
‘Sure, it wasn’t nice sitting there, watching the team succumb to passionless loss but I have other things going on in my life.’
‘It’s not natural,’ cried fellow supporter Craig Seaborn. ‘A loss like this should stop you functioning in the real world. Your life should fall apart until the thought of murdering the opposition not only seems rational but is the only thing you can think of that might let you sleep again. ‘

As Seaborn began thrusting an ink laden needle into his face in an effort to tattoo his club’s emblem to his face, Arnold played football in his garden with his 8 year old saying, ‘This is what this makes life with living.’


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