Apostrophe Liberation Front targets Mid’ Devon Council

Incensed at the apostrophe ban in Mid Devon, activists from the Apostrophe Liberation Front (ALF) have been gathering in large numbers in Tiverton. The first signs that things were getting heated was when a skip full of apostrophes was dumped outside the Council House and double apostrophe’s applied to council literature and signs. Police and PCSOs have been seen guarding greengrocers and hairdressers in the area to prevent their signage being damaged. It’s thought the damage estimate of £14.73 could rise to £25 by the end of the action.

ALF spokesman Roger d’Winter said, “Whilst we don’t condone people takin’ the law into their ‘and’s, it’s entirely underst’able when they came up aga’nst authorities’ and organisations’ that jus’ refuse ‘ter listen.”

Martin Willett’s a spokesman for the Internet Forum confirmed that the apostrophe was one of the punctuation marks nominated in it’s ‘Most At Risk’ category Award. “What the apostrophe needs is a new lease of life. Look at the popularity of the @ sign today and compare it to twenty years ago when it was nearly extinct. It could be the same with the apostrophe if we could get enough people behind it. It’s a case of use it or lose it.”

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