Three-way IVF treatment ‘not as good as it sounds’

Men’s interest in the proposed three-way IVF treatment cooled considerably overnight when it was revealed egg fertilisation would not necessarily include a sex romp with the wife’s sister or one of the girl’s from the typing pool.
Although the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority said the process would still involve inserting a small prick into the donor parent, men were dismayed to find it would involve the use of a sterilised needle and have nothing to do with them fulfilling long held fantasies.

Research scientist Neena Harvey said basically all it would take to fertilise an embryo was ‘a tiny, painless jab roughly in the area of the vagina walls, in and out without the female donor even noticing anything had happened and it could be over in seconds’.
But, added Dr Harvey, it was time to move on from such primitive sexual practices involving men and the new strerilisation programme using a needle to deliver the sperm would not only be more sexually gratifying for the two donor hosts but was far more likely to guarantee a successful outcome.
Dr.Harvey also added that using a needle to fertilise an embryo would only require ‘the most basic of techniques’ which again virtually ruled out any possibility of the male partner becoming involved in the procreation process.

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