Historic Papal meeting revealed location of stop tap

Vaticanologists were left disappointed today when further details of the historic meeting between the Pope and his predecessor were revealed as being somewhat mundane questions regarding Vatican housekeeping.

Pope Francis began his unprecedented meeting with the greeting ‘any idea where the stop tap in the kitchen is? I’m worried what to do if the washing machine overflows.’

This was followed by questions regarding which day the bins were collected, and whether glass should go in the green wheeliebin or the silver wheeliebin. The former Pope Benedict then spent a good half an hour making sure his successor had in his possession all of the relevant instruction manuals for the Vatican’s electrical appliances, along with documentation for the accompanying extended warranties.

And the meeting came to a frosty end when Pope Francis criticised the Pope Emeritus’s departure. ‘At least you could have washed the bath out before leaving’.

harrington greenslade

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