Some households in North of England still without Royal updates, warns Met Office

no change predicted for another four months

Thousands of homes around the UK have been without an update on the Duchess of Cambridge’s health for several hours say emergency services.

Severe weather has left some homes in the North of England without an update for over two days. Dozens of people in Cumbria had to be rescued with a tweet after power cables supplying electricity were cut during blizzards.

Two people are known to have died without knowing how the Duchess was feeling this morning and flights in and out of East Midlands airport have been cancelled until fresh details concerning the Royal pregnancy are known.

Snow drifts and high winds are thought to be behind the lack of news affecting some people north of the border and the AA has warned motorists to stay at home rather than risk being cut off from updates. People in Bootle were forced to abandon their cars and continue their journey on foot after heavy snowfall interrupted radio signals carrying the latest information.

The Met Office has issued a severe health warning saying it could be several days before updates about Kate’s wellbeing are back to normal and are urging people to remain calm. Emergency services have asked the public to keep elderly relatives and neighbours, who could be particularly affected by the lack of news concerning Royal events, informed wherever possible.

‘Many of the most vulnerable people in society are without power right now and are sure to be worried sick about how Kate is coping in all this bad weather’ warned a Met Office spokesperson. ‘It would be a tragedy if they all died of hypothermia without knowing how she was.’

Around 280 properties in Workington are still without electricity as engineers continued to huddle around a radio waiting for news. Forecasters say this could be the least informative March since records began with average updates on the Duchess thought to be somewhere in the low millions.


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