Anne Frank diary inspires teen’s ban on parents entering bedroom

Reading Anne Frank’s Diary has had a powerful emotional effect on Scunthorpe teen Jodie Matthews (13). ‘I can relate to Anne although she lived seventy years ago because she was the same age as me,’ Jodie said.

Jodie said it was Anne’s diary that had opened her eyes to ‘injustice, cruelty and unfairness’ to teenagers worldwide – including herself and her Year 9 mates at Scunthorpe Comp.

‘When I really got into the diary and realised that even seventy years ago Anne had a bigger bedroom than me and she was allowed to keep other people out, I was well gutted,’ she said, ‘and so were my mates. We were like, in floods of tears about it.’

Now, inspired by the diary, Jodie says she’s persuaded her parents to build her her own secret bedroom annex twice the size of Anne’s and from which they will be banned.

‘I don’t want them two poking around in my secret bedroom like a pair of bleeding Nazis,’ said Jodie, who has started to keep a diary.

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