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Lambs criticised over irresponsible ‘sleigh ride’ prank

Lambs on the Isle of Man have been criticised by rescue workers for feigning injury and frost bite just so they can take a ride on a sleigh.

Some lambs were seen burying themselves back in the snow drifts while others were caught hiding behind a snow plough waiting to be rescued again. Rescue workers have told the lambs that being rescued from the snow and put on a sleigh is not a game and pretending to be injured could risk the lives of other lambs who are in genuine need of help.

The incident came to light when rescuers watching the Six o‘Clock news recognised a lamb they had pulled from a snow drift earlier in the day pretending to be stuck again.
Rescue workers say the lambs’ parents are partly to blame and should take more care of their offspring – especially at this time of year when weather on the hillside can be quite changeable. The lambs meanwhile have been warned that if they continue to waste the rescue workers time they could face a visit from the Mint Sauce Monster.


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Posted: Mar 28th, 2013 by Guest

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