‘Woodworm in my rocking-horse’ starts trend for middle-class misery memoirs

Publishers are busy reinventing the ‘crap childhood’ genre, trying to breathe life into a tired old format by going upmarket. ‘Readers have become bored with all that working class misery’, says publisher Samantha de Lyle. ‘They’re fed up with clogs, shawls, bad weather and grinding poverty. When confronted by yet another tale of a young girl living in squalor in some Irish hovel, while her drunken father molests her and passes her round amongst his friends, readers are rolling their eyes and saying ‘enough’.’

As Ms de Lyle points out, middle class people have problems too: problems that we can all relate to. ‘For example, I’m currently working on a book about a young boy who was forced to eat broccoli. It’s a real tear-jerker. And ‘Woodworm in my rocking-horse’, one of our most successful titles, highlights what can happen to the even tenor of family life when the children’s nursery is struck by larval infestation.’

Other titles under consideration include ‘We weren’t allowed to go to McDonalds’ and ‘I had to share a room with my brother’ and ‘We went Madeira last year.’


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