Hot cross bun retailer goes into administration after disastrous 2 for 1 offer

Nationwide hot cross bun retailer Hot Cross Bun World has called in the administrators after a disastrous Easter period that saw falling sales and plummeting revenues, putting the future of 160 stores and 1,200 jobs in jeopardy.

A spokesman for receivers Ernst & Young blamed the company’s offer of ‘one a penny, two a penny’ on all hot cross buns as a ‘major own goal’. ‘For some reason they failed to realise that no-one in their right mind was going to buy one a penny when they could have two a penny. And they weren’t going to make any money charging a penny anyway. Their pricing strategy has been wrong for the last 200 years. Have they never watched The Apprentice?’

John Hannett, General Secretary of shopworkers’ union USDAW, agreed that the management of the company was to blame for the possible job losses. ‘”If you have no daughters give them to your sons”? What sort of a slogan is that?’ he ranted. ‘Although I have to admit’ he added, ‘as Christian festival-related confectionary treats go, hot cross buns are pretty shit, so it’s hardly surprising they’ve gone tits-up.’

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