Abu Qatada officially ‘harder to remove than Hitler’

Experts have confirmed that at 8 years of trying to deport Muslim cleric Abu Qatada – compared to the the second world war’s 6 year duration – it was easier to kick Hitler out of Western Europe than it is to throw Abu Qatada out of the UK.

Crime and Security Minister, James Brokenshire commented ‘it’s an insult to the people who fought and died for their countries that Abu Qatada can put up an even more prolonged resistance than Hitler. Say what you like about Hitler, but even he didn’t pull any of this ‘European Court of Human Rights’ bullshit.’

Teresa May, speaking during her visit to Jordan, said ‘How many more times must I repeat this: Jordan will not use evidence against Abu Qatada that was gained from the torture of others – there is nothing more I can say, my hands are tied…and so are my feet… and I’ve been hanging from this hook for eight hours…’

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