Doctors confirm it takes 6 months to recover from clock changes

Researchers into the effect of the changing of the clock for British summertime have discovered that it takes the typical person 6 months to adjust to the change in the clocks.

The study suggests that putting the clock forward an hour can sometimes leads to confusion and listlessness and in extreme cases some British people are spending the summer months having long lunches and endless conversations about cheese in the mistaken belief that they must now be French.

Research continues into the effect of putting the clocks back again in October, when people have just about got over the change, where similar anxieties have also been seen to arise which explains, researchers confirmed, why no-one has any clue what’s going on for the entire yearly cycle.

But the focus now is on the immediate effects of the most recent change with one doctor summing it up in layman’s terms; “Everyday we are seeing people who are tired, irritable and unable to concentrate and there’s nothing we can do about it for the next six Oooh, you’ve got nice shoes. For heaven’s sake stop hassling me. Mon Dieu!”

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