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Merkel imposes lederhosen bailout condition on failing economies

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel will demand that in future countries like Cyprus that need Germany’s financial help must agree to wear lederhosen as evidence of their resolve to reform their faltering economies.

‘The wearing of lederhosen in exchange for loans will encourage restraint and a more austere approach to life and will be a highly visible acknowledgement of Germany’s contribution to the bailout,’ said a Bundesbank spokesman.

But an Italian banker didn’t think Italians would agree to such a condition, calling it completely unacceptable. ‘It would make us Italians look ridiculous, clowns, the laughing stock of the EU,’ he said.

‘It’s Germany’s toughest condition yet, but it may prove counter productive in the UK,’ said a Bank of England spokesman, ‘people could down tools and the output of the nation could diminish to lower levels than we have yet seen. But for many, the thought of George Osborne having to spend his days in Lederhosen and a funny little hat with a feather in it is so compelling, that it’s a price they’d be willing to pay.’

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Posted: Apr 4th, 2013 by roybland

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