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‘Cambridge Bump’ more popular visitor attraction than the Gherkin

The Cambridge Bump (aka the Royal Bump) is more popular with sightseers to London than the Gherkin, according to the English Tourist Board.

‘The Cambridge Bump has grown in prominence as an attraction for visitors to the capital since its creation a few months ago,’ said an ETB spokesman. ‘It’s now more popular than the Gherkin and the London Dungeon combined.’

The Cambridge Bump is many times more popular than the Higginbottom Bump belonging to Tracey Higginbottom (19) from Coventry which has so far received very little attention. ‘My partner Wayne sometimes has a bit of look,’ Ms Higginbottom said,’ but that’s about all.’

The ETB spokesman pointed out that the Cambridge Bump would disappear in the summer and sightseers would have to wait at least nine months for sight of Cambridge Bump Mark 2.

‘These attractions are quite short-lived,’ the ETB spokesman said. ‘Today it’s the Bump, but this time last year all the rage was the Cambridge Frock.’

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Posted: Apr 8th, 2013 by roybland

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