Albino-killer vexed by Old Bailey sketches

Following his murder trial at the Old Bailey, serial killer, Charles ‘Chalky’ White was reported to be ‘extremely vexed’ with the courtroom sketches which regularly appeared in the media.

During the three week trial in which the so called ‘albino-killer’ admitted to five counts of first degree murder and seven attempted murders he was sketched several times by two professional courtroom artists.

‘These blokes are supposed to know their stuff,” said the disgruntled mass murderer from his high security cell at Parkhurst Prison, “but, they’ve got me sitting between two members of the filth and for all intents and purposes I’m invisible.’

Courtroom artist, Penelope Rylance admitted that Mr White had been a difficult subject. ‘My white chalk crayons couldn’t quite capture his clothes or his features and if it hadn’t been for the pentagram tattoo carved into the middle of his forehead and the ’love and hate’ ones on his knuckles he wouldn’t have shown up at all. The two police officers sitting either side of him with their blues suits and little piggy faces were much easier subjects.’

A spokesman for the Old Bailey said, ‘If we were to adopt the US style bright orange boiler suit look for defendants then courtroom artists would have a better chance of drawing their subjects in greater detail. Mr White’s pallid complexion and predilection for expensive white suits did cause a few headaches for our courtroom artists.’

Penelope Rylance is now looking forward to her next courtroom sitting with the trial of Phil ‘The Chainsaw’ Macready who is charged with eight counts of murder at a retirement home in Melrose on the Scottish borders. ‘Thankfully this one is ginger,’ she said.

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