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All good ideas taken claims frustrated screenwriter

An aspiring screenwriter today lamented that all good ideas have been used while criticizing past filmmaker’s selfishness for not leaving any for him.

‘It’s so frustrating to be watching Indiana Jones knowing that I would have came up with it if George Lucas had just given me the chance,’ complained barrister – sorry, screenwriter – Austin Edwards ‘Was he not happy enough with Star Wars? Did he have to steal the idea I would have had thirty years later?’

‘It’s not just in the genre of science fiction, it’s everything, I tried to be one of those comedians, the kind that make you think but all my mind blowing conclusions have already been concluded. I sit screaming at George Carlin to stop staying what I’m think before I get to think it without him having to say it.’


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Posted: Apr 12th, 2013 by Guest

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