‘No one likes us we don’t care’ to be sung at Thatcher funeral

Millwall fans will join the choir to sing the Conservative Party anthem, before forming an honour guard for the gun carriage, 21 gun salute and triumphal march through London. Mourners along the route are invited to join the congregation to sing to the tune of all things Bright and Beautiful.

No one likes us we don’t care,
We’re Tories through and through.
Nasty parties get results,
Don’t like it? well fuck you

The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate
The rich bloke’s one of us, mate
The poor deserves his fate

No one likes us we don’t care, nice Cameron’s got it wrong
Hatred got us where we are
That’s why we sing this song

We brought to you the Poll tax
The Bedroom tax as well
Now god bless Norman Tebbit
Don’t like it? go to hell.

No one likes us we don’t care, Mandela we all hate
We like Boris much much more,
The next PM, just wait.

Don’t moan of unemployment
Or bankers getting rich
We don’t care if you hate us,
The left’s dead in a ditch!

No one likes us we don’t care, the right is coming back
Maggie’s death will stuff UKIP
It’s no use fighting back

No one likes us we don’t care, in Wembley and Whitehall!
Milwall’s backing Maggie now
Rejoice ye one and all.

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