Teachers call for longer working day and shorter holidays for MPs

The National Union of Teachers has today proposed that MPs should work longer days and that their holidays should be significantly shortened. The changes would see their current 82-day summer break, or nearly 12 weeks, reduced by half to match the time off most workers are entitled to during an entire year.

‘If the changes had already been applied this may have saved the poor loves the extra work of having to claim £3,000 expenses for returning to work early to praise Margaret Thatcher,’ explained an NUT spokeswoman.

Teachers say that an added bonus of the extended working day would be that MPs have less time to spend brawling in House of Commons bars, and having affairs. ‘In the long run we think this could save both them and the courts thousands of pounds each year.’

Teachers have argued that the current working pattern for MPs dates from when Britain had a largely agricultural economy. ‘How things have changed. Now its MPs and not farmers who are the largest producers of manure.’

Ian Searle

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