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Marmite fights back with stronger formula after ‘Meh’ tweet

The makers of Marmite, the ‘love it or hate it’ yeast extract spread, are said to be ‘extremely anxious’ to track down the person who, against accepted common wisdom, said on Twitter that he was entirely ambivalent about their product.

Since the unidentified person, known only as @BrandMan, tweeted a week ago the message ‘Marmite? Meh’, the message has gone viral with millions of Twitter users agreeing with the findings of the mystery tweeter under the hashtag #MehMite.

Marmite are working on the basis that @BrandMan has simply not tasted their product and the whole thing is a distasteful internet joke. However, they are not being complacent and announced that they were working to maintain trust in the brand by launching a much stronger tasting formula with the strapline, ‘If you didn’t like the other stuff, you’ll really hate this.’

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Posted: Apr 21st, 2013 by Stan

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