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Twitter users mourn musician they didn’t know

People on social media were bereft with grief today as a musician they didn’t know, but who was lauded by people they do know, died in his or her sleep. The mourning for the apparently much-loved musician person was led by Twitter users who present radio shows and have a big blue tick next to their name.

Danielle Gray, 32, marketing officer said; ‘As soon as I saw that both Huey Morgan and Bob Harris had tweeted an RIP about the same person I had to go on to YouTube and find videos of that person and then do an RIP of my own and post a link to the YouTube video on my timeline.’

‘I could tell it really struck a chord because I got seven retweets, but I was genuinely sad because I think, had I known about the dead person before they were dead, I would probably have liked their music.’

Since the person died earlier today bittorent downloads of their music have rocketed by over 700%.


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Posted: Apr 24th, 2013 by Guest

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