IDS tells public sector workers: ‘Hand back your wages’

Iain Duncan Smith has today stated that it is an ‘anomaly’ that all civil servants receive a salary when some could afford to do without.

NHS workers are being urged to demonstrate that they really are in the ‘caring profession’ by donating some or all of their salary back to the state. ‘Imagine all the kidney machines we could buy with that’, said a government spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous but gave his job as ‘Chancellor’.

Treasury workers are however anticipated to be in favour of handing back money, as they are probably sick of looking at the wretched stuff all day. Teachers may even be asked to pay a small additional charge for the privilege of sitting in warm classrooms, just to hear the laughter of children.

Members of public sector unions have reacted with disbelief though, and are said to be ‘a tad miffed’ at IDS suggestion that those who opt into the new scheme early will be eligible for winter fuel payments and free bus passes, providing enough wealthy pensioners give theirs up.


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