Green Party accused of trying to woo BNP supporters in local elections

In an interview on Radio 4’s Today programme, Sally Hornby, the Green Party’s Communication Director, denied that a new document outlining their manifesto for the upcoming local election was designed to target disaffected BNP voters in marginal wards.

Their contentious eight-point plan is:

1. The Planting of trees to offset carbon emissions from the forced repatriation of Non UK nationals.
2. Right-wing only cycle lanes.
3. A tax break for people using ethically-sourced Fairtrade St. George’s flags & Doc Martins.
4. Recycled chip oil Molotov cocktails.
5. Couscous to be renamed Boudica Salad.
6. Millwall to receive world heritage status.
7. Tattoos to receive arts council funding.
8. Pit Bulls to receive anger management counselling.

Jocasta Smythe, who is standing in Burnley for the Green Party, refuted accusations that her party was chasing extremists votes, telling reporters: ‘It just proves that the Green Party policies are inclusive and designed to appeal to the whole spectrum of society. I mean, one thing often overlooked is actually how eco-friendly skinheads really are. Have you ever noticed how they eschew cars and even public transport, instead always marching together down the public high street to their rallies and racist beatings? Surely that’s an example to us all about saving the planet.’


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